Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Madness of March

We woke up at 9:10, with preschool starting at 9:30. Whoa! But, I was happy. We've had the flu at our house for over a week (the cold, chills, achy stuff) and I didn't feel a bit bad catching up on some much needed sleep. And I actually was able to get the boys fed, bathed, dressed and out the door to make it to preschool on time, so it made the sleeping in even more worth it.
My mom called with one of her crazy-great ideas today. She wants to rearrange her family room completely, and she wanted my help and opinions. Her call got me out of having to finish folding the massive mound of laundry that plagues my upstairs hallway. After we picked Lincoln up from school we went to RC Willey looking for new furniture. We found the my mom's dream piece and I sure hope she'll break down and buy it soon!
We made a stop by Old Navy today as well. These last few days of sun have given me the itch to stock up on new clothes for the boys. I love shopping for them! Old Navy had some awesome sales on flip-flops and t-shirts. The boys have been running around in their flip-flops tonight. I think they're excited for summer like me!
My mom and I are working together on making dinner menus. We've both fallen into a non-cooking rut. That seems to happen to me all too often. Anyway, I came up with about 50 ideas for dinners and I can't wait to get started on my meal plan.
Derek texted me today that he was so nervous for "the game" tonight. I had no idea which game he was talking about. I was quickly reminded that it's March. Oh yeah. BYU is playing and Derek is sitting inches from the TV, as they have come back miraculously and are making the game quite close.
(Carter went on got pajamas for him and Linc...about 10 pair each)

I love nights like this! The four of us hanging out, watching the game, playing memory (which Lincoln totally rocks at), doing puzzles and playing toy guns. I love being a wife and a mom!
P.S. I have a very happy husband tonight...


Taylor said...

Happy to see some updates :). Keep it up!

Taylor said...

Dang it. It's Sherrie. Not Taylor.